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            Product Center

            Online test and intelligent control for cotton quality

              Intelligent control, automatically optimize cotton processing technology, fitting machines in accordance with seed cotton. To realize the ginning factory maximum benefits by producing the best quality cotton with minimum fiber damage, minimum fiber loss and minimum cost.

              1、On-line monitoring system

              Adopt technology and monitoring standards that are integrated with HVI monitoring equipment. Process on-line monitor of main quality parameters of seed cotton and lint.

              2、Intelligent analysis system

              To monitor the quality information of cotton, Automatic contrast  with target value.

              3、Regulation executive system

              According to the optimized processing scheme provided by intelligent analysis system, the equipment parameters and process are automatically adjusted to make the production line running at the optimal state of target control.

              4、Monitor System

              The digital signal and video signal in the production process are collected in real time and analyzed and processed, to control the operation condition of the equipment and adjust it at any time. 

              5、Energy conservation system

              The whole dynamic system is automatically adjusted online, so that the production line can be run in the best condition, efficient and energy saving.

              6、information management system

              Collecting and analyzing the various information data of the production line, then provides the conditions for the fine accounting of ginning factory.

              7、safeguard system

              Whole set of intelligent protection devices,to guarantee the safety of human and equipment. eliminate fire, personal injury and other potential safety hazard. 

              8、Remote maintenance & support system

              Provide remote technical support and services through secure and reliable communication channels.

              9、information center

              Realize the timely collection of related information of multiple production lines, facilitate resource sharing and optimize management.