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                Approaching swan

                • 1946,

                  Swancame into beingformer name“Jinan San Xing Yuan Iron Factory”. 

                • 1955,

                  Public-private joint management.

                • 1961,

                  Changingname to“Shandong Province Supply and marketing  cooperatives Machinery Factory”.

                • 1987,

                  Changing name to “Shandong Cotton and Jute Machinery Factory”.

                  Importing technology during “Seven five” period, and from that time technicalcreative system 

                  of digestion and absorption to innovate was established.

                • 1990,

                  Thesign of second technological revolution of China cotton processing---MY121 

                  NewGinning Technology and Complete  Set ofEquipment passed the 


                • 1996,

                  Assuming the state aidprojects in Africa, building the world first  level 

                  ginning production line,and the products started to the   world.

                • 1997,

                  First passed international quality system attestation in the industry, and was

                  the pioneering of quality management connecting with the world in the industry.

                • 1998,

                  Establishedthe service idea“ Regional Quantification, Seamless” .

                • 2002,

                  Reformedto“Shandong Swan Cotton Industrial Machinery  Stock Co., Ltd".

                  Brandstrategy put into effect.

                • 2005,

                  Cooperatingwith American Continental Eagle Corparation,

                  internationalization strategy implementationcames into speed stage. 

                • 2008,

                  Production equipmentdigitalization upgraded.

                • 2009,

                  Start listing, company entered standardization, thepublic, the flow period.

                • 2010,

                  2010Start to go publicXinjiang Wujiaqu Industrial Park, USA branch company has been

                  constructed and put intooperation. Localization strategy launched.2013,Moved to Jinan Yaoshan Industrial Park.

                • 2013,

                  Start to operate in JinanYaoshan Industrial Park.

                • 2016,

                  Listed on Shanghai A shares main board market opening a new chapter of Swan.

                • 2017,

                  The information upgrade will be transformed into a smart manufacturing.